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Wilton, NH



 Shen Tao is a Chinese phrase meaning "Way of Spirit".  This philosophy of bringing spirit to our lives is the foundation of my practice, and the combination of Shen Tao and Wellness Consulting creates a collaborative environment in which you and I work together to treat the unique person that you are.

People come to Shen Tao for many reasons.  Some just looking for a great customized massage, and others looking for a Lifestyle change. Whatever the reason, we provide unparalleled attention to your needs.

By thoroughly exploring your medical history, dietary habits and lifestyle, we create an individual program to address all your needs-body, mind and spirit-with the result being a more balanced you.

The process is simple and begins with an initial interview lasting up to 2 hours.  During this time, we review your medical history and lifestyle, then jointly create a plan of wellness tailored to your individual needs.  The plan may include Therapeutic Massage, Energy Balancing, MFT/Nutritional Counseling, and/or Yoga & Meditation.

So I invite you to leave your stress behind, and begin your new healthy lifestyle today!

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